Lesson 3: Making Basic Changes to the CSS

Matt Bradford-Aunger Updated by Matt Bradford-Aunger

Now that we've got our wireframes and designs created, we can start with our customization journey with some basic changes to the CSS.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to do a bunch of CSS tweaks inside HelpDocs including:

  • Finding and replacing the primary color
  • Restyling specific header text
  • Forcing text to be uppercase
  • Restyling the search bar
  • Making author images an ellipse
  • Restyling breadcrumbs


Curve Starter Template Zip file

Curve CSS

Code Snippets

/* Restyling specific header text */

color:#FFCD00 !important;
font-weight: 300;
text-transform: uppercase;
/* Restyling the search bar */

text-transform: uppercase;
/* Making author images an ellipse */

border-radius: 20px;

border-radius: 15px;
/* Restyling breadcrumbs */

#breadcrumbs a{
color:#797979 !important;

color:#FFCD00 !important;

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