Lesson 1: Why Customize?

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So why in the hell would you want to customize your knowledge base when stock templates already look so darned beautiful 😍

Well, that’s a good question. The answer is your knowledge base is as much part of the brand experience as any of your online presence.

It doesn't matter whether it's your social media, website, swag store. Whatever it is, they should all share the same kind of feel and focus. And should convey the same type of values and design choices.

Why Not Use a Stock Template?

The fact of the matter is that no stock template will ever fit every single company 🤷‍♂️Not only is it impossible, it's also dull as hell! Jumping on a trend with your layouts and designs is one thing. But doing the same thing as everyone else is just a bit boring!

When it comes to customizing, you should keep the customer experience in mind because that'll be influenced by whether you decide to change colors and logos, or if you opt to build something truly unique.

Customization also makes things a lot less jarring when users are navigating around your stores and websites. Imagine a user jumping from a sleek product with clean lines and rounded edges, to a corporate and blocky layout with stuffy colors and inconsistent fonts.

It’d be jarring. 😬

What's more, not putting a little time into customizing can create an unnecessary hurdle that'll get in the way of engagement, and how useful your articles can be.

The bottom line is, customization is crucial to your customer experience.

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